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About Us

Wildlife Adventure Safaris

Wildlife Adventure Safaris is a sustainable adventure tour operator that specialises in providing exceptional travel experiences in Uganda and Rwanda. 

With a focus on eco-friendly practices and sustainable tourism, we offer a range of unique adventures that allow our clients to explore the natural beauty of these countries while making a positive impact on the environment and local communities. 

Our primary services include expertly guided gorilla trekking excursions; wildlife and birding safaris; and mountain biking tours. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and safety, while also promoting responsible travel practices and supporting conservation efforts in the region.

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Peter Nsubuga, Co-Founder an CEO of Wildlife Adventure Safaris

Peter Nsubuga

Co-founder and CEO

Peter was born during the guerilla war period in a rural village adjacent to Mabira Forest – the biggest tropical rainforest in Central Uganda - where he developed his passion for nature and the outdoors. 

As a licenced Tourist driver-guide and a Tourist Guide Assessor, he has led countless tours across Uganda and Rwanda over a period of 5 years. He specialises in Gorilla Treks, Wildlife Safaris, Mountain Biking, nature interpretation and adventure excursions.

Peter has a formal educational background, having been sponsored by the government of Uganda to study Education, majoring in Geography and Religious Studies. In addition to that, he also studied Tourism Management.


Previously, Peter was a professional Teacher in Uganda’s high school system from 2004 until 2017, when he moved across to the Tourism sector.

Peter holds numerous certificates in different fields including; Herpetology, Research methodology, Human resource management, first aid, professional driving, computer studies, tourism product development and digital marketing.

Phil Nolan

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Phil is relatively new to the adventure travel sector, having fallen in love with Uganda during a wildlife safari and gorilla trekking trip, as a tourist in 2021. Being guided by Peter on that dream vacation convinced Phil that he needed to help create and share more opportunities for such inspiring trips of a lifetime for other like-minded adventurers. 

Phil is an ex-British Army officer and is currently a security director for a global medical and security assistance organisation, based in Dubai. With a passion for travel and adventure, in his spare time Phil likes to visit new and exciting locations, climb mountains and run long distances.

Phil Nolan, Co-Founder and Managing Director or Wildlife Adventure Safaris
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